The Surrounding Area

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Within a radius of 5 – 20 kilometers from Cotignac you will find several other villages worth a visit. Among these are Carces, Montfort, Salernes and Lorgues. You will find all kinds of markets, a wide selection of restaurants as well as other services and points of interest (kart; se linker). The surrounding area provide a wide range of sights and activities, catering to different interests. There are seemingly endless possibilities for walks, hikes or bicycling through olive groves and vineyards.

Cotignac has its own tennis club, and golf enthusiasts will also have a chance to play some rounds in the Var-region. Golf Barbaroux has an idyllic location outside Brignole, approximately 25 minutes from Cotignac. This is a challenging course that has been selected as one of the top five golf courses in France.